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This Is To Formally announce that I have started accepting Diwali gifts by CASH, CHEQUES & CREDIT CARD ect. Avoid last day rush. Send now!happy diwali.      kannada SMS
You are a DOG Bhejaraytha? plz bhejaragbeda. DOG means D-Dearest O-OF all G-Gud Friends Now u r smiling? U Naughty DOG. Yelli ondu sala bogalu nodona…!!      kannada SMS
Hudugaru devdas agthare yaake..? Hudugigagi..? Avala Andakkagi..? Manasigagi.? Pritigagi.? Edyavudakku alla! hudugigoskara madiro SALAKKAGI…!!       kannada SMS
Beku endaga iralla beda endaga hogalla, bayasuvaga sigalla siguvaga bayasalla, hattira iddaga doora madtivi doora hodmele hattira agoke nodtivi THAT IS LIFE.      kannada SMS
E Jagathinalli athyantha vishalavadudu yenu? Sagara? No Bhoomi? No Parvatha? No Akasha? No Gothaglilva? Nimma mobilge daily SMS maduva nanna manassu .      kannada SMS
moggagi kannuva indina dina,huvagi araluva mundina dina,sihi thumbida nimma hrudayadali nenapiralli nanna *sneha* anu dina.      kannada SMS
Nanu Nane Neenu Neene . Nanu Nane Neenu Neene . Nanu Nane Neenu Neene . Yestu Press Madidharu Aste Nanu Nane Neenu Neene!!       kannada SMS
Yelidiya?? Ninna blood group yavudu? ellondu accident agide...!!! urgent agi blood bekagide.. elandre nanna nayi sathogutte plz....!?      kannada SMS
Teacher: pandu yava thingalu bahala chikkadu?? Pandu: adu May thingalu miss Teacher: Tappu adalla february. Pandu: adare miss february 8 aksharagalannu hondide, adare May bari mure akshara!!!      kannada SMS
Just type LOVE space nimma hesru nimma lover hesru mattu adannu ........................................ nimma appana nmbr gekalisi bhavishya thilkoli.      kannada SMS
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